The names below are "lost". We don't have a current mailing address for them or mail has been returned from the address on file. Rural Route (RR) and Highway Contract (HC) addresses have largely been replaced by street addresses. If you can help with any information such as last known address or city/state, name change, or other information, please use this link to send an email.

  1. Paul Christian Ahrens

  2. Suzanne Lee Baum (Grey)

  3. Velma Dawn Bostic

  4. Barbara Jean Bowling Bastian VA 24314

  5. Margaret Faye Brogan RR 2 Box 294D Charleston WV 25314

  6. Mary Alice Butler

  7. Forrest Sue Carter (Harper)

  8. Geraldine Ann Clendenin

  9. Sharlene Cooley

  10. Charles Culver RR 2 Box 284 Charleston WV 25314

  11. Edwin Timothy Gay

  12. Trena Joyce Giles (Fannin)

  13. John C Howald III

  14. Carolyn Jane Jacobs (Morton)

  15. Gregory G Janos -- found

  16. Jacqueline Sue Justice (Timmer)

  17. Patricia Lucille Meadows

  18. Daphne Rose Means

  19. Kathryn Lucille Miller

  20. Patsy Lou Moss

  21. Walter James Price

  22. Cynthia Dawn Pritt

  23. David Lee Pyles

  24. Linda Rosen

  25. Barbara Denise Sherrill

  26. Roger Dale Spurlock

  27. Barbara Ann Stewart (Barnette)

  28. Danny Summers

  29. Linda Anne Sweeney

  30. Wanda Thaxton

  31. Carolyn Ruth Vance

  32. Wanda Sharon White

  33. Eric Wayne Williams